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For this piece we can use the Rumba Flamenca stroke as explained below.


Down means towards the highest string.

p = thumb i = index finger m = middle finger a = ring finger

Click on the video to see a demonstration

of the rumba technique.

It is the same stroke as in Rumba in A minor.



The Chords used in Malagueña:

download the chords as a pdf file (right cklick to save)


10 Improvisation Backing Tracks

Here are 10 HQ Backing Tracks encoded at 320 kbps:

  • Rumba in E Major Backing Track
  • Rumba in A Minor Backing Track
  • E Phrygian Improv Backing Track
  • House of the Rising Sun Rhthm Track
  • Blues in G Backing Track
  • Malaguena Backing Track
  • Em Latin Backing Track
  • A Major Latin Backing Track Loop
  • Tientos Bb to A Backing Track
  • D Minor Backing Track

Backing Tracks Preview:

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