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E Minor Latin Improv Part 1: The Scales

Here is a chord progression that has been used a lot.  Since it is in the key of E-Minor you can use a lot of the open strings and open scales.

Play with it.  This is a really fun progression and it really never gets boring.




NOTE: When practicing the scale remember that they are E Minor scales, even though it might not start on E.

We are trying to use as many notes as possible in one position. The roots are marked with R.

Listen to the scale in open position:

Listen to the scale in 7th position:


10 Improvisation Backing Tracks

Here are 10 HQ Backing Tracks encoded at 320 kbps:

  • Rumba in E Major Backing Track
  • Rumba in A Minor Backing Track
  • E Phrygian Improv Backing Track
  • House of the Rising Sun Rhthm Track
  • Blues in G Backing Track
  • Malaguena Backing Track
  • Em Latin Backing Track
  • A Major Latin Backing Track Loop
  • Tientos Bb to A Backing Track
  • D Minor Backing Track

Backing Tracks Preview:

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