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Tientos/Tangos Flamenco Improvisation

The scale/mode used in the Tientos is pretty much the Dominant Phrygian scale.  Experiment and try to create your own improv.  Remember if it sounds good it can't be wrong!

Download the Backing Track : (Right Click/Save As)

Download the Rhythm with Lead : (Right Click/Save As)

The Video below shows you the chords of the tientos

Video of Right Hand Technique of Tientos:


12 Improvisation Backing Tracks & Loops

The backing tracks include a rhythm intro and an ending (except for A Major Latin)

The loops are at least 5 minutes long so you can really jamm along.

So you will receive 24 files (220MB)

Here are 12 HQ Backing Tracks encoded at 256 kbps:

  • Rumba in E Major Backing Track
  • Rumba in A Minor Backing Track
  • EDominant Phrygian Improv Backing Track
  • House of the Rising Sun Rhthm Track
  • Blues in G Backing Track
  • Malaguena Backing Track
  • Em Latin Backing Track
  • A Major Latin Backing Track Loop
  • Tientos Bb to A Backing Track
  • D Minor Backing Track
  • Simple Spanish Improvisation Backing Track
  • 1st Position Simple Improvisation

Backing Tracks Preview:

Only $9.99

Video of Scale for Tientos: