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Rumba in E Major Improvisation Scales (Includes written out solo)

The video below will show you the improv and the scales for the Rumba in E Major.

Download the tabs for the solo on the video

Download the scales used for the improvisation (PDF)

Download the Chords and the Chord Progression for this improv

Download the Backing Track for this improvisation (Right Cklick to save):

1. With Ending 2. As a Loop

E Major Rumba V2 Improvisation Premium Package

NEW: Now includes Guitar Pro 6 w/left and right hand fingerings as well as a new pdf file with left and right hand fingerings.

Here's an instructional package consisting of:

  • 1. HQ video of the improv (.mov) format will play in itunes both windows and mac.
  • 2. A Guitar Pro 6 File That displays left & right hand fingerings.
  • 3. A Guitar Pro 5 file that plays the solo in tabs and standard notation
  • 4. A Tux Guitar File that opens in the Open Source Tux Guitar Program Mac/Windows.
  • 5. A pdf version of the tabs with left and right hand fingerings.
  • 6. The scales used in the improv both as Guitar Pro 6 and 5, tux guitar , and as a pdf file.
  • 7. The mp3 (320 kbps) backing track for you to play along both as a loop and as the track with ending. You will also get an mp3 file of the actual solo. Total File size is 85mb

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